Give children the best 

chance of success by teaching

phonological awareness

in the early years.

Our online course will show you how

Sounds good to me is an evidence-based training program designed by speech pathologists for educators to use with children 3-6 years old. Through this training, educators will acquire the skills and resources to implement a phonological awareness program. An online course for parents is also available.

User-friendly training and resources for educators

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Many children start school without the speech and language skills they need to learn to read

Using Sounds good to me, educators can encourage and teach speech and listening skills to children in the early childhood setting or at school.

Activities to support children learn in the way they learn best, play! 


Easy to use resources for educators, children and parents, with real life demonstrations. 

Over six hours of training to complete at your own pace with tips to help you get started. 

Join the online community to share stories, questions, and successes. 


Real world learning
  • Play-based program
  • Easy to use tools are provided in the resource kit
  • Real-life video demonstration
  • Tips on how to use resources you already have
Tailored to you
  • Short lessons
  • Complete the course at a time and place that suits you
  • Access to online course and resources for 12 months
  • Access for your team (up to 6 people)
Supported learning
  • Join our online community
  • Webinars with our Speech Pathologists
  • Q&A with our team
  • Monthly payment plan available
Exclusive content
  • A resource kit delivered to your door
  • Extensive range of downloadable resources
  • Regular updates
  • Resources for parents

“Nurruby Children’s Services has been pleased to collaborate in developing the Sounds good to me program. I have seen a big improvement in the skills and confidence of the educators, with the program now embedded in all areas of our curriculum. The educators enjoy the phonological awareness play-based activities and the program is easy to implement. It is satisfying to send our preschoolers off to ‘big school’ with the skills they need to learn to read.”

Nurruby Managing Director

“I have been working as a Speech Pathologist for the past thirty years. Most of this work has been in rural and remote Australia. One of the many things I have noticed through my work is that many children arrive at school with very poor school readiness skills. I have seen in the past few years since the first Sounds good to me program was delivered in our area. Some positive changes in children arriving in kindergarten and their phonological awareness skills. This is very important since we know that phonological awareness on school entry is a potent predictor of success in learning to read. When I am working with education staff who have been involved with the training, they have a better knowledge of phonological awareness skills. They also have the tools from Sounds good to me program to work on these concepts with their children. This can be seen in a flow on effect to school commencement so that the children in these centres arrive at school with some phonological awareness skills.”

Speech Pathologist

“I have been using the Sounds good to me program in teaching for many years. As an early childhood teacher, the program provides clarity in supporting children to develop skills that will support them to learn to read when they start school.The program is flexible and we have used it in the following program step-by-step throughout the year and, more recently, by embedding it throughout our everyday teaching and play-based experiences. As a team that values collaborative teaching, we have found the program that provides a meeting point to return to where we are planning as we can assess the skills the children are confident in and plan to provide extra support. We are excited by the idea of an online training program that will allow all our educators to become familiar with the program.”

Educational Lead

What is included in the registration price?

When you register you gain access to the online course materials and resources for 12 months. You will also receive a resource kit in the mail.

If you want access to the course after the initial 12-month period, you can renew your registration at a reduced cost of $379 per year for subsequent subscriptions.


Can I share the resources with parents/colleagues?

We recognise that educators using Sounds good to me are likely to be working in a team.

For this reason, when you register you will be able to nominate up to 6 people to gain access to the online course and materials. These team members must be working in the same centre as you. That way, you can implement the program together.

If your company has multiple physical locations (or branches) you will need a new registration for each physical address.  Included in the price is one resource kit per registration.