A natural communicator and educator, speech pathologist Linda Foskey has been living out her passion for helping others for over 30 years.

It’s a love she shares with Anne Williams, her co-creator in designing Sounds good to me, an online course for early educators focusing on school readiness.

Living in NSW town Inverell for the past 11 years with her partner and bookstore owner Garry Newley, Linda has a deep love for the country, and is dedicated to providing specialist services to rural areas.

She cherishes the challenge of helping someone with communication difficulties share their wants and needs with others. A logical mind and aptitude for patterns allows Linda to identify each client’s struggle and find the best methods to help them achieve their communication goals.

“I love it when I see those light bulb moments of ‘oh, they actually did know that word and they did know what it meant’, and actually being able to communicate what they want or need or feel at that particular moment in time,” she said.

“It’s not necessarily ‘we’re going to make that child speak the same as everybody else’, it’s to help them to make the best of what they do have, in terms of their communications skills.”

Linda said people often presume that if someone can’t speak, they don’t have anything worth communicating – but nothing could be further from the truth.

“We make presumptions that somebody who can’t say particular sounds mustn’t be smart. It’s often the opposite way.” She said changing your natural speech patterns requires a lot of intellectual stamina. 

Along with her degree in Speech Pathology, Linda holds a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Diploma of Health Management, and has completed research on phonological awareness intervention for students with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

Phonological awareness in children aged between 3-6  years is known to improve their reading outcomes when they begin formal school learning. Linda is proud to be able to share her expertise with early educators in order to give children their best chance of succeeding ahead of school.

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