Family Day Care

Family Day Care

Give children the best chance of success by teaching phonological awareness in the early years.

Sounds good to me is an online course designed by speech pathologists for educators working in the Family Day Care setting. As a Family Day Care educator, you can teach sound awareness to give a child the very best chance of success at school. 

  • Designed by speech pathologists for Family Day Care educators.
  • Games and activities based, designed for children aged 3-6 years. The activities are also suitable for younger children if they are interested.
  • A 3 hour online training course focusing on what’s needed to get children ready for school.
  • Completely online based, designed for use at home. 
  • Filled with downloadable resources and easy to use tools. 
  • 35+ downloadable resources for games to play with children.


The program is designed to be used within your daily routine and using only the resources you already have and those included in the resource pack and portal.

Many of the activities and games will use toys and books that you already own and uses every day. A lot of the teaching can occur through incidental and spontaneous play.

None. A willingness to learn and access to the internet are all you need to get started. 

Involving parents is easy with the companion course we designed especially for parents. This is a condensed version of the course, made to use at home.

Parents can register for this course on our website for the price of $22 for the first month and $5.50 for any subsequent months, which can be cancelled at any time.

They get access to an online course consisting of 8 short lessons and 11 downloadable resources.

You can promote this to parents by directing them to our website and/ or displaying our flyer in your centre. 

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to learn more.