It's a great program because it is embedded with what we do, it's not an 'extra'.


Nurruby Managing Director

In kindergarten class, you can tell which children went to a centre that used Sounds good to me - they arrive at school with some phonological awareness skills.




Speech Pathologist


It is satisfying to send our preschoolers to school with the skill they need to learn to read.





Nurruby Managing Director


Your success is our success

We look forward to supporting you through our online community.
Our purpose is supporting educators and children to learn and we will be there for you during your journey.


Private Facebook group

The Sounds good to me Facebook group is an exclusive area for members. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress implementing the program in your centre, and to celebrate the wins.

You’ll make new connections and benefit from chatting and sharing with other educators.

You’ll also be the first to know when there are updates and new material available.


Coaching and support from our speech pathologists

Current subscribers can book a one-on-one coaching call with a team member to assist you with the course material or implementing the program in your centre.
If you need regular coaching, this can be made available (additional costs may apply).


We are always developing Sounds good to me and we’ll broadcast interactive webinars to cover popular topics, tips and tricks and to introduce new material for members.

Q & A

Our team members are happy to help with questions you have along the way. for more information for members with your ideas for new courses