Solving Communication Puzzles

Speech pathologist Rany Chou enjoys the challenge of speech pathology in rural areas and making use of a range of evidence-based methods to help people communicate. She is endlessly enthusiastic about her work and is proud to help clients reach their goals.

Based in Tamworth, Rany travels to several small towns in the area to work in outreach clinics and schools. Her clients range from 15 months all the way to adulthood.

Although she began her career in marketing, Rany had a strong interest in speech pathology from early on.

“Speech pathology never left my mind,” she said. Five years ago, she leapt at the opportunity to switch gears.

“I like it because it’s a mix of education, learning and medicine.” Rany is interested in neurology and behavioural management, and makes use of music in her therapy. She has drawn together a range of different therapies and ideas to create her own service model.

“We all learn at our own pace. We may learn through different models,” she said.

A people-orientated company, Rany is proud to work for HealthWISE, and says the team’s support allows her to deliver a higher quality service.

After beginning her speech pathology work in a busy city, Rany has come to appreciate the more community-orientated lifestyle and variety of clients in a rural setting.

“There are nice restaurants and cafes – I know them all, and they know me. So I find that I have a community supporting me,” she said.

Rany has reviewed our school readiness course Sounds good to me, designed by fellow speech pathologists Anne Williams and Linda Foskey, and thoroughly recommends it to early educators.